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One-of-a-Kind Items for Once in a Lifetime Events

Looking for something special and out of the ordinary for your wedding, anniversary, engagement or other special occasion?

I have been making custom engagement, wedding and anniversary items for over three decades. I offer one-on-one tailored care to make your special moments even more extraordinary!


Meet The Creator, Dawn Marie

Over the years, my definition of family has expanded and evolved. The rituals and traditions I recognize may have changed but my commitment to acknowledge, celebrate and honor the turning points that make us who we are as individuals and as families has only grown stronger.

Creating heirloom pieces that go beyond accessorizing a single day, but are created to be touchstones, conversation starters and tangible reminders of moments too priceless to be lost is the central focus of my artistic journey.  It’s also one of my deepest joys and greatest honors.